Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Water can reduce your weight! Try the tricks.

Do you want to reduce weight without sticking to a restrictive diet plan? Drinking lots of Water is the easiest way to burn the unnecessary fat you intake regularly. But how much water and when you need to drink varies upon individual food habit and way of living. Chances are you are not getting enough water.

Here is nitty-gritty of how you can hydrate your body throughout the day:

1. When and how much to drink water: Our normal meal plan usually calls for drinking 8 glasses of water a day. If you do exercise and want to speed up weight loss, you have to drink more and use a math. Drink 3 glasses after you wake up in the morning. Have half a glass of water before you have breakfast. You must include Juice or Water food in your breakfast. 1 glass of water you must drink right after you take bath. 2 glasses each time before taking lunch and dinner is necessary. After a work-out of more than 45 minutes or if you sweat heavily, you must drink 2-3 glasses of water. If you eat red food like meat, oil-fried food and bread, you must drink more to burn the excess calories.

2. Cut Salt intake: If you cut table salt from your meal, it will help you lose water weight quickly.

3. Replace a single meal with normal water: Skipping lunch is not a bad idea. Just drink unsweetened, unflavored water in its place. But make sure you have a heavy breakfast every day.

4. Sip unsweetened green tea or black tea:  Green or black tea without sugar is a watery food. It contains Polyphenols that activate a certain enzyme in the body. This enzyme dissolves excess fat content in the body.  Drinking 4 cups a day would help you reduce about 6 pounds in 8 weeks.

5. Drink additional water when you feel hunger pain: Drink some more water (at least 2-3 glasses) if you feel hungry. You can add a squeeze of fresh lemon juice, cinnamon powder, bay leaves and ginger (in hot water only).

6. Consume watery fruits:  There are certain fruits and vegetables such as Watermelon, orange, cucumber, Strawberry, grapefruit, red bell pepper, apricot, apple, blackberry, lemon etc. which fulfill the fluid requirement of your body. Have these foods in between breakfast and lunch.

7. Consume hot and cold soup to boost your water consumption: Leave aside your store-bought soup sachet. Make a healthy soup at home with blended veggies with its broth. Evening is the best time to have soup. It can boost your desire to drink more water.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

After Smartphone, now a Smart Pen has changed my life!

These days my work, especially taking notes in any corporate meeting, or media roundtable has become very easy. Back in 2013, I had seen one of my friends writing on a diary with a nice, funky pen and simultaneously it memorized his writing, on a tablet. And I was surprised to see that the pen could record the audio well. This idea of taking notes and voice memo has made my life really easier. 

I have been using the Echo Smart Pen manufactured by LiveScribe for last 2 years. In today’s tablet-enabled world, this pen is really useful for the professional like me who ritually take, review and share handwritten notes. It helps me record everything I write, hear and say. Even if I am not present in any particular meeting, I can reply to the panelists later simply by tapping on the notes or audio. Earlier I used to retype the note in laptop, transcribe the voice recording. And hours were lost to get the final work done due to tedious analog to digital conversion. I hope, this pen can also be helpful to the teaching professional like you. It will help you reduce the work to do laborious copying out of talks or voice memo.

The Smart Pen comes with a ball point tip and an in-built high-speed infrared camera located near the ballpoint tip. I can transfer the notes or audio to my laptop via USB cable as a standard PDF or audio file. Does it sound to you like an average Dictaphone? No, not at all. It also comes with a microphone which can capture crisp clear sound. That is why it is strong enough to record exactly what is happening orally (smile etc.) at any point of meeting.  Even if I am sitting in a big size meeting hall, where it is difficult to hear, I use this Echo Smart Pen without any trouble. For that I prefer to use a 3-D Recording Headset which contains a microphone in each earbud. I just plug it into the pen and lay it on the desk. Now dual microphones can easily record 50 yards away sounds like 5 feet away sound. 

Now let me talk about its camera. It has the ability to take up to 70 images of the writing in each paper per second. With this feature I can easily connect the pen to my laptop and download images of my writing. So it helps me take the back-up of all notes quickly and painlessly as and when required. And the unique experience is seeing my handwriting appeared on the laptop screen in front of me as the audio plays back.
But fun doesn’t stop there. This Smart Pen allows me to partake in ‘pencasting’. It is another interesting feature which involves uploading text based images and audio files to online storage space including social networking albums. Sometime I send these files via email too. Even I can easily add ‘pencast’ files directly to Evernote, a popular note-taking and archiving application. 

Here I would like to say, the magic behind the Echo Smart Pen lies in its specific paper which is produced by the LiveScribe itself. This pen works best with this interactive paper. Otherwise you can use any simple grid paper, sticky notes, and college note books. 

You can also encourage your students to use this pen. It will even change the way they take class note, share notes with my classmates, and even study for tests. Don’t worry if they have to attend lots of lecture sessions every day. My experience says, they can still use this smartpen easily in such case; because the pen holds 800 (8GB) hours of recorded audio if its battery gets in regular full charging. Battery performance may vary upon the quality of the audio recordings it captures. When I want to save battery, I just adjust the recording setting from high to medium or low as per my requirement. Even its microphone sensitivity is also adjustable with setting for room, hall and automatic.  

Now this Smart Pen has made my life much easier and had transformed how I take notes. As a user I can say, the pen does what it claims it does, and really does it well. And that is how it gives me all natural feeling of using pen and pulp combined with digital advantages.