Sunday, July 6, 2008

What could I find in Chetan's?

Jockes apart. Please think of his books namely ‘5 points someone’, ‘One night @ the Call Centre’, ‘The 3 mistakes of my life’ etc. You may comment that Chetan is not a good writer. But can you deny that he is the best selling English writer these days. Some people may be snobs in reading his literature. But it is Chetan whose literature can annoy the critics. This is the success of his creation. Some readers may think of his poor grammatical sense, but nobody can deny its story line. Chetan has shown that he may well evolve into the main stream of Bollywood film. Till that happen, however Chetan will continue to write books about the youth in their own language, in a silent revolution of his own….a revolution for young vs. old. That is why Dan Brown (Da Vinci Code) and Paulo Coelho (Dummies) are so successful. Chetan may reach the large market of his choosing. Hatts off!!!... Chetan. No need to be a literary giant….but certainly Mr. Bestseller. We are waiting for the next one.

Monday, June 23, 2008

What for Euthanasia?

Do you support euthanasia?... Even if you see a patient of terminally illness. Medical ethics or Bio-ethics may voice their point of view. But should we support the recommendation of Law Commission that mercy killing be legalized? It has raised an impassioned debate all over the India. What is your position?

North Bengal Medical college and Hospital failed to cure a teenage girl, suffering from abdominal pain for years. She has appealed for mercy killing? What should be the suggestion for her life? In that case do we need a “right to die” law?

Every one has the right to death, just as an individual has the right to life. But what is the way out if the right becomes an obligation?

Netherlands, Belgium, Colombia too has legalized Euthanasia. But India is a chancy zone, if mercy killing becomes legal here. Who can appeal for Euthanasia if a patient of brain death needs to die? You may say for his or her relatives or any other family heirs. But there is a chance of killing the patient whose condition is not so critical and terminal. Mentally ill, handicapped and senile people may lose their valuable lives due to mercy killing. So a line should be drawn in deciding whether it is merciful condition or not. But who can draw the line? And how?

Friday, February 1, 2008

One night – unforgotten!!!

An hour before the commencement of the Drama performance, I deposited my bag carefully in a corner of the changing room. My stomach was in knots as I entered the door of the stage. I closed my eyes and slowly took a deep breath. It was a singular emotion that no words can describe. It began as an aching, an unspecified tenderness in the pit of my stomach, gradually bubbling into my chest.

Oh, yes, I forgot to write about the function. It was our University Hostels’ Annual Drama Competition where the hostel boarders had to write the drama script. My room-mate had written a short drama named “The drop of dream”. The script was based on the conversation between two ladies, one is divorcee and typically feminist who is fighting for social rights for the women and the other one was a Tsunami victim who lost husband and her only kid.
My University Campus

Few days before the program my room-mate told me that I had to perform the role of that widow. I denied and tried to make her understand that I am not a good stage performer. But all my efforts were in vain. We started rehearsal 20 days before the performance. But till the day of stage rehearsal, the director, my room-mate was not happy with my acting.

As I had no experience in acting, I never knew what to expect from the audience. Before entering the green room, I got a chance to sit in one of the 200 wooden chairs in front of the stage and that was in the University Theatre hall. I was nervous to sit under bright lights facing other stage performers.

During my performance on the holy stage, I gave my best try. In the 75 minutes of my performance I noticed that there was pin-drop silence in the entire theatre hall. Such an environment melted away all my tension. Once the drama was over, I came out from the stage and met the judges as well as my room-mate who was sitting with them in the same row. It was hugely enjoyable and to listen to them praising my performance and it filled me with a spine-tingling experience that a new playwright dreams of.

Although my performance could not secure the first prize for my hostel, I was thrilled to receive the considered feedback from the judges. From being just an audience, I became a performer. What a different person I've become but I still love being an audience. But if I am given any opportunity to be in either a stage performer or an audience, I will definitely choose the first one.

Monday, January 28, 2008


We have read the story of "The thirsty Crow". It drank water from a clay pot by throwing stones into it. The crow is very clever by nature! Now they are making another story as the picture tells u. Is it not so??.......

Tradition to trend.................

The tradition has come from our olden days. So it is obviously elder than trends in sense of years. That means tradition has come a few years ago than trends. The tradition tells of its nobility whereas trend shows its extravaganza looks. So there is always a hidden conflict between that two. Some people like tradition whereas some are fond of hues of trend. But which one is more powerful than other? It is a vague question, I think.

The passage tells to you the change from tradition to trend. Maybe it is a big story to tell, but I try to explain you some respects of tradition towards trend. Sometime we see people experimenting to mix and match with those two waves. Many people mostly dislike this experiment. Every body is right in his sense. But let me ask you one thing, why do they oppose to the experiment? We have to acknowledge that trend grows with the touch of tradition. In other words, trend adds glamour to tradition. None of above can exists without each other. The conflict between two waves had been seen from the olden days. But conflict is still on.
Naturally we see experiments in our outfits to grow mix and match. I mean to say dresses, accessories, footwears etc.

India has Hero(s)!!

Yesterday NDTV awarded the great Indians of 2007 of all respects. Pronay Roy from NDTV said in that programm that Pakistanese have no Hero. So they are facing various problems vey often. Indians have numerous Hero(s) to be proud of. We know, India has hero(s). We read the stories of them in the pages of history. But do you agree with Mr. Roy??

I say, he is partly right. Did you forget the incident of Rajiv Gandhi's killing? Before that Indira Gandhi? Gujrat riot is not an exceptional case. Nandigram of West Bengal is now a new edition of it. Can we forget that??

Our hero(s) taught us to sacrifice round the life. But now we are not doing it. Now we are looking for our own interest. Such an incident may happen in India. What will heroism do then?

Sunday, January 27, 2008

E-commerce -- Is it a reliable platform for shopping????

We know, e-commerce encompasses a commercial communication between buyers and sellers. Generally people use it very frequently for their needs whereas the sellers display the diverse ranges of products or services on Internet.

E-commerce comprises transaction between business to business as well as business to consumers. So Intenet has made a broad market over web, which provides multiple benefits to both business organizations and consumers.

With the advent of the Internet people have enjoyed it. Now e-shopping is the most popular way of entertainment. They may prefer various ranges for comparing, choosing by a click on mouse button without moving out of house or office. So they can save their time and efforts. They may enjoy good discounts at lower prices. There is an opportunity in e-shopping to compare various models or brands at a same time. The conveniences of shopping are available at home.

When they are enjoying e-shopping, they may take off a few important things of it. First of all, there is no chance to bargain or negociate the pricing. The buyers need to touch or feel the product when they are thinking to buy it. Because sometime, the products, displayed on internet are indicative. Internet can not give the facility to touch the products before buying. So buyers can not be sure of the quality of the products.

There are other major barriers in e-shopping. Sometime buyers pay some extra charges which are quite hidden on Interent. The buyers are not sure of security of transactions or credit card misuse.

People are facing above barriers every now and then. Inspite of being the most popular platform for todays' buyers, it cann't remove those barriers. How do people rely on it? Yet this is the time of e-shopping boom!!

My Second Post

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My First Blog Post

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