Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Her highness in her typical cavalier manner!

She gets angry by question about the things that don’t go down well with her, she loses her cool at the slightest of provocations, she often makes insensitive remarks on any serious incident occurs in the state, she speculates before the investigation of incident is ended, she dubs people “Maoist” when they throw question in public meeting, she storms out during a TV show, she walks off the stage when she is asked politically incorrect questions, she can’t take a lousy cartoon easily, she sometimes gets in a mood to whip her own personal security guard publicly, she slams a section of media.

…And she makes lofty announcements about dubious development projects, she tells only half-truth or probably the usual lies, she dismisses almost every incident that sends shockwaves across the state by coining a small or “petty” matter… and she is, perhaps you could recognize, Mamata Banerjee, the chief minister of West Bengal, and she often feels proud of being Bengal’s first woman Chief minister. 

When she is cool, probably not angry, she coins her own phrases, shows her highness on her facebook page, … and her hilarious comments get high viewership on various social media channels.

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