Monday, June 23, 2008

What for Euthanasia?

Do you support euthanasia?... Even if you see a patient of terminally illness. Medical ethics or Bio-ethics may voice their point of view. But should we support the recommendation of Law Commission that mercy killing be legalized? It has raised an impassioned debate all over the India. What is your position?

North Bengal Medical college and Hospital failed to cure a teenage girl, suffering from abdominal pain for years. She has appealed for mercy killing? What should be the suggestion for her life? In that case do we need a “right to die” law?

Every one has the right to death, just as an individual has the right to life. But what is the way out if the right becomes an obligation?

Netherlands, Belgium, Colombia too has legalized Euthanasia. But India is a chancy zone, if mercy killing becomes legal here. Who can appeal for Euthanasia if a patient of brain death needs to die? You may say for his or her relatives or any other family heirs. But there is a chance of killing the patient whose condition is not so critical and terminal. Mentally ill, handicapped and senile people may lose their valuable lives due to mercy killing. So a line should be drawn in deciding whether it is merciful condition or not. But who can draw the line? And how?

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