Sunday, July 6, 2008

What could I find in Chetan's?

Jockes apart. Please think of his books namely ‘5 points someone’, ‘One night @ the Call Centre’, ‘The 3 mistakes of my life’ etc. You may comment that Chetan is not a good writer. But can you deny that he is the best selling English writer these days. Some people may be snobs in reading his literature. But it is Chetan whose literature can annoy the critics. This is the success of his creation. Some readers may think of his poor grammatical sense, but nobody can deny its story line. Chetan has shown that he may well evolve into the main stream of Bollywood film. Till that happen, however Chetan will continue to write books about the youth in their own language, in a silent revolution of his own….a revolution for young vs. old. That is why Dan Brown (Da Vinci Code) and Paulo Coelho (Dummies) are so successful. Chetan may reach the large market of his choosing. Hatts off!!!... Chetan. No need to be a literary giant….but certainly Mr. Bestseller. We are waiting for the next one.

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quechinga89 said...

Mr. chetan has already confessed in a personal interview that his English is not ornamental.So there is not point that critics can criticize him.

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