Sunday, January 27, 2008

E-commerce -- Is it a reliable platform for shopping????

We know, e-commerce encompasses a commercial communication between buyers and sellers. Generally people use it very frequently for their needs whereas the sellers display the diverse ranges of products or services on Internet.

E-commerce comprises transaction between business to business as well as business to consumers. So Intenet has made a broad market over web, which provides multiple benefits to both business organizations and consumers.

With the advent of the Internet people have enjoyed it. Now e-shopping is the most popular way of entertainment. They may prefer various ranges for comparing, choosing by a click on mouse button without moving out of house or office. So they can save their time and efforts. They may enjoy good discounts at lower prices. There is an opportunity in e-shopping to compare various models or brands at a same time. The conveniences of shopping are available at home.

When they are enjoying e-shopping, they may take off a few important things of it. First of all, there is no chance to bargain or negociate the pricing. The buyers need to touch or feel the product when they are thinking to buy it. Because sometime, the products, displayed on internet are indicative. Internet can not give the facility to touch the products before buying. So buyers can not be sure of the quality of the products.

There are other major barriers in e-shopping. Sometime buyers pay some extra charges which are quite hidden on Interent. The buyers are not sure of security of transactions or credit card misuse.

People are facing above barriers every now and then. Inspite of being the most popular platform for todays' buyers, it cann't remove those barriers. How do people rely on it? Yet this is the time of e-shopping boom!!

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