Monday, January 28, 2008

India has Hero(s)!!

Yesterday NDTV awarded the great Indians of 2007 of all respects. Pronay Roy from NDTV said in that programm that Pakistanese have no Hero. So they are facing various problems vey often. Indians have numerous Hero(s) to be proud of. We know, India has hero(s). We read the stories of them in the pages of history. But do you agree with Mr. Roy??

I say, he is partly right. Did you forget the incident of Rajiv Gandhi's killing? Before that Indira Gandhi? Gujrat riot is not an exceptional case. Nandigram of West Bengal is now a new edition of it. Can we forget that??

Our hero(s) taught us to sacrifice round the life. But now we are not doing it. Now we are looking for our own interest. Such an incident may happen in India. What will heroism do then?

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