Monday, January 28, 2008

Tradition to trend.................

The tradition has come from our olden days. So it is obviously elder than trends in sense of years. That means tradition has come a few years ago than trends. The tradition tells of its nobility whereas trend shows its extravaganza looks. So there is always a hidden conflict between that two. Some people like tradition whereas some are fond of hues of trend. But which one is more powerful than other? It is a vague question, I think.

The passage tells to you the change from tradition to trend. Maybe it is a big story to tell, but I try to explain you some respects of tradition towards trend. Sometime we see people experimenting to mix and match with those two waves. Many people mostly dislike this experiment. Every body is right in his sense. But let me ask you one thing, why do they oppose to the experiment? We have to acknowledge that trend grows with the touch of tradition. In other words, trend adds glamour to tradition. None of above can exists without each other. The conflict between two waves had been seen from the olden days. But conflict is still on.
Naturally we see experiments in our outfits to grow mix and match. I mean to say dresses, accessories, footwears etc.

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